Alvaro Viegas


Having lived in Lisbon, Madrid and Istanbul, Alvaro’s involvement with community festivals and the electronic music scene has always been a prominent aspect of his lifestyle.

Alvaro’s curiosity for travel, understanding new cultures and a strong entrepreneurial drive to learn about startups and discovering cutting-edge underground electronic music took him from Goa to Berlin, which he now fondly calls home, in search of new creative landscapes to explore.

His time in Berlin led to an intention of cultivating a platform in Goa where people of different backgrounds could enjoy Berlin’s musical influence in an environment that encouraged collective participation and creative thinking. Developing himself naturally into a fierce networker and Partypreneur over the years in Berlin, he met Matt Sclarandis, Joey Payne and Josè Noventa, and this was the beginning of Sundowners Collective.

The first edition was held on 14th-15th January 2017, which resulted in a huge success.

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