General Information

What is Sundowners Collective?

Sundowners Collective is an annual community gathering that emphasises underground music, arts and healing workshops. It was founded on the 1st of January 2017 in Palolem, Goa. It was formed as a tribute to Jojo, who used to dedicate his time to caring for the piece of island which Sundowners was held on.
The founders and ideators are Alvaro Viegas (IN), Matt Sclarandis (IT), José Noventa (BE) and Joey Payne (BE)

We aim to create a platform where like-minded people from across the globe are able to connect and express their individuality through creativity. Where music and art is created, appreciated and shared.

Where is it?

Whilst the 1rst edition was set on the shores of Palolem, this year’s festival will take place at Leopard Valley, buried deep between Palolem’s tropical forest.

When is it?

Next Sundowners Collective will be held on Friday 19th, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21th of January 2018

Is Sundowners Collective a themed event?

We love extravaganza, we breathe authenticity and we celebrate crazy individuality. We applaud getting dressy and funky with your outfits!

What is the genre of music played?

You can expect a variety of DJs who will be playing a wide genre of music ranging from Techno, Deep house, UK Bass, Footwork, and 2-Step. If you are unfamiliar with these genres, no worries! Come play with us and find out for yourself.

How is it different from other festivals and clubs in Goa?

Unlike most clubs and music festivals in Goa, which place a focus on EDM, Commercial Music or Psychedelic Trance, Sundowners Collective attempts to bring the freshest European genres of Electronic, Deep/Tech House and Techno, as they are relatively unexplored in Goa.
Furthermore, this is the first creation of a ‘lifestyle’ festival that is seen in Goa, and the concept that we place emphasis on resembles many larger festivals such as AfrikaBurn (South Africa) and Rainbow Serpent Festival (AU), whereby the feeling of cohabiting within a conscious community is embraced.


How much is a ticket, and what does it include?

There are 5 packages.
Yoga, Hut(x2), Hut, Sundowner & Lone Wolf Packages

Yoga Package:

The price is 20000 INR ~250€
9 nights in beach hut (14th-23rd Jan), 5 days of Yoga (14th-18th of Jan), 3 Days festival pass (19th-21st Jan).

Hut Package (x2):

The price is 10000 INR ~130€ (for 2 people)
3 Days festival pass (for 2 people) + three nights accommodation in a beach hut for 2 people (5000 INR ~ 65€ each person).

Hut Package:

The price is 7000 INR ~90€
3 Days festival pass + three nights accommodation in a beach hut.

Sundowner Package:

The price is 3000 INR ~40€
3 days festival pass only.

Lone Wolf Package:

The price is 1200 INR ~15€
1 Day festival pass – Any Day

You can also purchase the tickets here

How many people will be attending Sundowners Collective in 2018?

The event has a capacity of ~1000 people a day, so be sure to grab your tickets fast!

Will I be able to buy tickets at the gate?

Yes, The festival tickets will be also sold at the gates. The other packages including accommodation will only be available to purchase online.

Will the gates be open 24/7?

Unfortunately not. For safety reasons the location will open at 3PM every day and go until late…

Will I be able to leave and return to the event at any point in the day?

Yes, as long as you have your wristband with you.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! We are looking for people to help us creating the experience.
As the name suggests, It’s a collective. We love participation.
Bring your skills to the table and we will be happy to let you in the family.

Please apply here if you are considering to volunteer.

I am part of the media, can I get a free press pass?

Yes, we have a limited amount of free press passes for local and international media agencies. Please get in touch with us

here if you would like to secure one.


What should I bring?

YOURSELF! We would be nothing without you and your positive vibrations :)
Please bare in mind that the climate in Goa is quite hot (25-34C) during the months of November – April. We advise you to take care of your skin when on site as you might get bad sunburns. You can purchase suncreams at the various small shops on the main beach.

Just some suggestions:

Inflatable animals and mattresses to throw on the crowd

Swimming costumes

Yoga Mats

Your camera

sandals – shoes to explore the surrounding areas and jungle

Is camping permitted?

Camping is not allowed at the location. Check our accommodation packs and get a hut on Palolem beach.

How can I get to Palolem via public transport?

If you are flying in from overseas, the closest airport is Dabolim Goa (GOI), which is approximately 70KM from the location. (~2hrs drive)
From the airport, the quickest option is to take a taxi to Palolem Beach (Around 2000INR)
Alternatively, if you are already in India, you can take buses or trains to Goa. The closest railway station is Canacona, but many regional trains only stop at Madgaon (Margao-MAO), which is 45KM away. From there, you may take a taxi or a public bus (which is a lot cheaper) to Palolem. The drive should take about an hour from Madgaon (Margao).

How to get there?

More infos on this soon but we will have a network of transports from various locations to the festival ground.

Is there transportation after the event?

Taxis and shuttles will be there to take you home at all times. These are local taxis and aren’t included in your ticket.

What if I have a car?

We will have dedicated parking space, although this is limited so we recommend to access the location my scooter or bike , and if you use the car please make sure that all your seats are filled with friends and you don’t just come alone on a huge van that takes up all the parking space :)

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, we love dogs, especially the ones who dance :) but please be considered about this. There are kids at the festival and also other dogs around. Bring your dog only if it’s not a dangerous one and make sure you can be responsible about it.

What’s the best way to get around in Palolem?

Once you have arrived in Palolem you may rent a bicycle for INR 50 -100 a day or a scooter for INR 400-500 a day from providers near the beach main entrance. For motorbike fanatics you can rent one of the classic Royal Enfields for about 800-1000 INR per day. A driving license is required for driving scooters and motorbikes.

What activities are there on Palolem Beach?

There are many activities that you can engage with at the beach; Please check our beach activities section .

I booked accommodation. Where is it and what to expect?

You will be staying in one of the beach shacks on Palolem Beach just nearby the festival.
The rooms are quite basic but will provide everything you need.

How will I find my accommodation and check in once I arrive?

We will send you a detailed email closer to the date of the festival with all the infos regarding your stay (if you purchased the ticket+accommodation packages). Check in time, contact number of the owner, exact location and more.

How can I pay for food and drinks at the festival?

You can buy tokens at any counters using cash or VISA, Maestro or MasterCard international circuit cards to pay for food, drinks, yoga sessions, massages, etc.


Can I make a group booking?

Yes you may purchase group tickets for groups of more than 10 people. For groups larger than 10 people, we offer a discount. Please contact us for group prices.

How do I register as a volunteer for the event?

Please fill in the volunteer form here

Can I create an art installation?

Of course! Just write us

here a short description about your idea, materials and how you intend to build it. We are excited to hear from you.

How can I have my shop at the festival?

We are able to provide you a with space where you can set your shop for a small fee. Please contact us

here if you would like to do so.

I’m a performer/workshop facilitator. How can I get involved?

Please write to us here. We would love to hear what you can bring to the festival.

Can I bring my own speakers?

Our artists on the main stage will deliver amplified music throughout the location. As we do not want any clashing sound, there will be no other amplified music allowed.

What soundsystem will be used?

We promise to deliver the best sound quality to enhance your listening and sensory experience. We will have more updates on this soon.

Can I buy earplugs at the event?

Yes, you can buy earplugs at our bars

Can I bring my children to the event?

Children of any age are welcome at Sundowners Collective. Under 12 kids have free entry! We do advise that you enjoy the festival with your kids during the day and bring them home at nighttime, so we can all enjoy the dance floor safely. We leave this open for own interpretation.

How is the event layout?

The event is spread out into various zones for music, artworks, market stalls, workshops and chill out areas. The layout will be provided before the event in a form of a map.

Will I receive a map of the event?

Since we want to reduce the use of unnecessary paper we will have a digital map available for you.

What kind of facilities do you provide to people with disabilities?

It is in our plans to make Sundowners Collective an event accessible to everyone.

Please email us at if you require any special assistance.

Will there be toilets?

Yes, we will have appropriate number of toilets and running water for the Sundowners community.

Safety and Emergencies

What if I suddenly have a medical emergency?

We will have first aid boxes available for minor injuries.
We will also have two doctors backed up by ambulance facilities always present at the location in case of any emergencies.

So what’s the deal with fire?

We plan our festival to highest standards to minimise the incidence of fire and any manmade disaster. Fire will only be allowed in defined bbq areas and dedicated bonfire areas.

Is there a safety evacuation plan?

Yes, we have a safety evacuation plan approved by local authorities.

What’s the policy on taking pictures and using drones?

Go crazy! We would love to see some splendid photos of our event!
Please share them with us or tag #sundownerscollective when posting on your social media :)

Will there be a way for my family to reach me in case of emergencies?

We will have a 24 hours helpline number set up and your family can leave a message with us.

Will I have phone connection?

Depending on the network you are on it might work. Jio Reliance customers might even have access to 4G. Unless you want to share some live videos and pictures of the event with your friends in real time we would like you to disconnect from your everyday realities and build a more meaningful experience connecting with nature and new people during this time.

How can I dispose my rubbish and will there be a recycling system?

We will have garbage segregation and you can dispose the rubbish appropriately. Remember to recycle, as we will try our best to work with packaging and products that can be recycled to the maximum.

Can I buy earplugs at the event?

Yes, you can buy earplugs at our bars

What about security?

We will have a private security agency 24 hours on site to monitor any security issues. We try to manage security ourselves but there will be a police force available on call in case of any emergencies.

What about women’s safety?

Women’s safety is treated with the highest priority possible, and will have a team walking around to check of any incidents on the location as well as the surrounding areas. Rest assured that as a woman you would be very safe in the Sundowners tribe.

What about festival goers who are causing trouble or being disrespectful?

We have a no-dickhead policy in place. If you notice anyone acting inappropriately please inform a member of the security staff so we can take the necessary action.

I’ve heard that I should cover up in India for religious reasons. Will I be able to wear a bikini during the festival?

Yes. Goa is quite westernised in terms of dressing compared to the rest of India. Furthermore, you will be in a safe space within a respectful community, and we appreciate your self-expression.

Alcohol, Food and Illegal Substances

Are drugs prohibited?

We have a strong zero tolerance policy towards drugs at this venue. Please be extremely aware of this. Police might come for random inspections and if you are found in possession of illegal substances you will be arrested and prosecuted with Indian laws (you really don’t want to get yourself into that)
Drug Policy of India
Read this document

What food will be sold during the festival?

We encourage a healthy lifestyle and hence we will have only Fish, Vegetarian and Vegan options. Rest assured it’s going to be extremely tasty!

What alcoholic beverages will be served during the festival?

We are tying up with the best brands to provide you with high quality beverages to keep your vibes up to maximum levels.

Are the ice cubes made from filtered drinking water?

Yes, we only use filtered water ice cubes in the long drinks and at our Sundowners cocktail bar

Can I drink tap water at the festival?

Hell no, tap water is unsafe for consumption all over Goa and can lead to serious health issues. We will have enough packaged drinking water on site for everyone. Small bottles of water will cost only around INR20 (0.30 euro) Keeping hydrated is important!

Can I bring my own food into the festival?

No, but small things such as energy bars or dietary supplements are allowed.

Can I bring my own alcohol into the festival?

No, as we will be providing a selection of drinks at our bars.

Sundowners Collective - Thank you - The Crew

Thank you!

These are all the people that helped us making Sundowners Collective 2017 a big Success!

Tom Barnet, Wayne Bryan, Matthew O’Connor, Vince Costa, Michael Dunz, Clint Hale, Iman Athira, Erich Rickens, Grace Fully, Danna Gordon, Tijl Materman, Alessandro Verrina, Rishabh Kavlekar, Simon Baring, Alyse Pascoe, Michelle Skye, Vijay Komarpant, Pamela Tosh, Kim Fabian Wischmann, Sonya Materman, Margit Baring, Ivan de Veiga, Orville Andrade, Hansel Vaz, Krishna Phaldesai, Akshay Komarpant, Hemant Saini, Kishor Sea Gull, Artemio Silva, Joaquim Silva, Clifford Manuel Victoria, Danny Taylor, Charles D´Souza, Shani Ahiel, Felix Offermann, Sally Bee, Ignatius Camilo, Yohann Jamsandekar, Bandekar Digital, Vivek A Chati, Dias Decorators, PI Filomena Costa, Canacona Police Station, Dy Collector Canacona, Sai Valentines Beach Huts, D´Costa Beach Huts, Kingfisher Beer
Photography by Matt Sclarandis and Mohammed Salik
Video, Branding, Website and Digital Communication created by Matt Sclarandis

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