Akshit Shetty


Sundowners Collective - Akshit Shetty

Emerging from Goa’s local underground music scene, Akshit is one of the few young Goan DJ’s who has managed to make his mark at some of the best clubs in Goa. His talent, combined with his passion for underground music led him to become a partner of tech-house record label Deeper Goa. Akshit’s continuing evolvement of sound is reflected by the wide spectrum of music which he plays, as he leaves the crowd grooving through the night. Akshit is a resident at Waters Beach Club & Grill, and a regular on the roster of Goa’s premier beach festivals such as A Day of SLICK and Satellite Beachside. Furthermore, he has shared the console with India’s leading deep house DJ’s- DJ Priyanjana, Pearl and Nikhil Chinapa.

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