Antonio Ponti


Antonio Ponti, artist with Italian roots, started his career in the music world at the beginning of the nineties, in London, where he moved the first steps in the underground scene following very young the alternative and borderline techno crews like Spiral Tribe or the france OQP , getting confidence with the desks and playing in warehouses and squat parties.

Antonio Ponti is not just a djs or a music producer but he is a polyhedric artist at 360° expanding his knowledge in different fields, like the production of lights and laser show and being the head and the promoter of many different parties in Italy like VENDUTO, DOSE, PORT ROYAL p.c., THE GARDEN–ETC.

formats that were not just simple parties but proper shows full of different contents, mixing the music at lights and video installations and where he ’s always been the main actor.
Collecting all this different faces of his personality, Antonio is now the owner of KILLER KICCEN, a proper art factory, base and expression of his strong personality, proper venue for artists and headquarter of different activities and projects, now one of the main alternative location of the Milan underground scene.


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