Josè Noventa


José was born and raised in Belgium in an environment filled with music. Barely standing on his feet he already started to store bags of musical knowledge. Belgium a Country so small, but were Music is culture and it lives and runs through it’s veins. From jazz to disco, from rock to Hip Hop and R&B. from the new age and popcorn to Kleinkunst and these first electronic sequences. It turned out to be the perfect form to handle emotions. José got fed with a wide spectrum of sounds, but what affected him most was music with a 4/4 beat. The very existence of Underground subculture and house/techno music forced him to spin records. The deejay career of José Noventa lifted of and quick as a wink came possibilities to start to play a lot locally, he started to produce himself , And got to tour through Europe’s biggest cities and play in bigger clubs and festivals,he even set some foot in Asia and Africa.

Now Based in Berlin and pushed by a big dose of enthusiasm, a vivid imagination, an analog instrument collection and on top a lovely sense of humour, José aims to enthral audiences with a distinctive mixture of house and the deepest, most cutting edge angle of an Electronic “Pot-Pouri” on top he tries to blend and Sample all of the Music and Instruments which touched him throughout the years which literally could end up anywhere. His thrill blazing enterprise is to take you away from the popular trends, towards a warmer, deeper and more underground atypical sound. So Let’s Unite and Dance away day and night!


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