Sander Markey


Markey “s connection to music came very early in life . Growing up in a musical house and family he was soon addicted to all the different sounds, notes and soon started learning all the vocals. at the age of thirteen he met some friends that were looking for a leadsinger for their punkband . although the band members were all quite young they managed to succeed warming up for some of the biggest bands in the scene of that time . At the age of 16 Markey got his first taste of non commercial electronic underground music , feeling suddenly deeply in love with this new driving sound. at that point he left the punklife and.. Markey got his first taste of non-commercial electronic music, when he was about 16 years old. The year is 1999. At first He starts DJ-ing Searching and collecting a lot of records. Allready feeling creating music would eventually be his thing. Back then it was definitely harder to make music with creative freedom we experience Today . (There was no Ableton yet) While living above, and playing as a resident in Make Up Club, Markey and his friend Yannick Robyns started to experiment and Work with Ableton Live. They where were Hooked.. After 8 years of Ghent, Markey found himself drawn to Berlin…Went there for a weekend in 2009 Rented a place for 2 months And decided to stay He Has been settled there ever since. In 2011 Markey played around Europe, and was touring In Australia, New Zealand, Brasil and Mexico. His releases you can find on any digital music store. That means Beatport, I tunes, Juno records and what people play…. Markey ”Dawn” EP coming out on Tonkind Berlin Incl. Robyns & Markey ” In The Shade ” Vinyl release the 29th of July. Digital is the 14th of August. Allready support and great feedback From Dyed Soundorum, Robert Owens, Claude Von Stroke, Moodymanc …. Check it out and pre listen here.. Enjoy


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