SITARSONIC is a fusion project of Electronica & Sitar. It is led by Paco Rodriguez who started learning sitar in 1994, in Varanasi (India). The Electronica is Chill out & Dub co-produced with Ethnicalvibes.
SITARSONIC has 3 bases… Anjuna (Goa/India), december to april, Matala (Crete/Greece) & Festes & St Andre (Aude/France).
Following the sun in a “Never Ending Tour” the project is sustaining Paco in his nomadic life.

LIVE: Paco performs alone, playing Sitar, singing, operating computer & FX. Sitarsonic invites sometimes guest musicians, mystic singer Sihanama, dijereedoo player Jovishnu aka Mr Pink, Analogic soundscaper The
French Tourist or co-producer Sam Lfo from Ethnicalvibes.
Sitarsonic works also with Tribal fusion dancers, everytime it is possible…
SITARSONIC have a famous “Godfather” the music producer & film maker Duncan Bridgeman (One Giant Leap, Hecho en Mexico…). He recorded, in 1999, the first four tracks of the project, during a week-end in the french Pyrennees, where Paco was living in a Buddhist community. In 2000, Paco started working with Thierry Sabir recently met in his hometown, Bordeaux. This duo became SITARSONIC and a very creative period started, 3 Cds were produced: “Sitarsonic” in 2000 (includes Duncan,s four tracks), “Pharmakon” in 2003 & “Ethnoticus” in 2004, the next year Artpop (Bordeaux), released a compilation of the 3 : “Aditronix” (2005), a serie of concerts in France followed.
The same year Paco moved to Goa (India) and started his ethnofusion project KUNDALINI AIRPORT, which has been since, very active performing around 50 concerts a year and releasing 12 albums in 12 years. So for some time, SITARSONIC did slow down and only two “Best of” were released: “Sitardust” in 2006, and “Museland” in 2008.
In 2010 the project became “solo” and a collaborations with Ethnicalvibes started, prolific and very creative, allowing the release of “Indus Reverb” 2010, “Tomorrow never comes” in 2013, “Unidos” 2014 and “Radio Mantra” in 2016.

May Peace, Peace and Peace be everywhere.


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