With a slick touch that drives an original house music sound, Unders brings a level of musicality to the global dance scene which sounds like love, taste like plum schnapps, look like geometric clouds and is shaped like dreams. This sublime combination of elements has made Unders synonymous with quality and groove since his beginning, while the man behind the music is equally known as a passionate ambassador of the global dance community. Despite having worked in the industry for more than a decade, it may have been Unders emotive tune ‘Syria’ which released him onto the global stage. Not only did it find a place on the Billboard top ten electronic tracks of 2016, it opened him to some of the most revered pockets of the electronic world. Letting loose on never ending club and festival stages that include Robot Heart at Burning Man, Fusion Festival in
Germany, Awakenings in Amsterdam, Woomoon in Ibiza and a residency at Afrika Burn & Katerblau to name a few, he is never short on people or
places to share his energy.

When not being a musical wayfarer he’s in the studio — releasing on labels such as Katermukke, SolSelectas, Sincopat and Underyourskin or on the remix tip with Stimming, Satori, Jonas Saalbach, Noraj Cue, Mira, Nico
Stojan and Edu Imbernon. Or perhaps you might find him touring with Berlin-Belle, Britta Arnold. Whether planning their creative futures involving bus trips, mobile studios, remixes, releases, their own Happy Camper label and beyond, these kindred spirits are inhaling and exhaling each moment like the full moon does the tides.
At the end of his eight-day-a-week global roaming, he can be found in his home base of The Netherlands walking his beach-cats, Lazy
and Noise, and finding new energy to take on his next adventure with his optimistic outlook on the universe. What is certain though, is that as
unders moves and unfolds with the times, so to does his persona as a modern musical renegade who, like a magician, can transform an average
dancing jaunt into the stuff of dreamy legend.
…listen to understand.


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