Wild Origin


Hear it, feel it and embrace it all together, a mix of minimalistic grooves with a touch of deep & dark twists creating some soul shivers along the way. Joey has been spreading his passion all over the world playing in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Ibiza, Italy, France, Greece, India and now continues his journey overseas to the land of human origin, South Africa. Known for his intense transitions behind the decks this international artist of Sweet Trade and Feestgedruis is an upcoming producer crafting hard in the studio to grow and mature his sound. His profound drive comes from the incredible feeling of joy he receives in bringing people closer to others and to themselves through the spell-bound magic of vibrations. As one of the founders of the Afrikaburn theme camp Ever Land Joey dreams to create a new way of life based on sharing, giving and contributing as one towards the same collective purpose. Enjoying the now and living true in the moment, attracting and manifesting what he creates from the inside to the outside is what makes him thrive.

Played at several festivals, concepts and venues like : Tomorrowland, AfrikaBurn, Fuse, Amsterdam Dance Event, Sundowners (Goa, India), Vice City (SA, Cape Town), Club Vaag, Café D’Anvers, Truth (SA, Johannesburg), Laundry Day, Cirque Magique, Dance-D-Vision, Pacha Belgium, Studio 80 (NL), Kinky Disco, The Deep End, Diskotopia, Club 89, La Rocca, Ockxfest Festival, Thé Dansant, Tribes Gathering, Decadance, Culture Club, Kompass, Feestgedruis, Push it Showcases, Crystal Tours Festival (Corfu, Greece), Magic Mirrors, The Place (Ibiza), Noxx, Baroque, Piaf, Hybrid, The Shop, Petrol, Eargasm Open Air, Forest Festival, Cherry Moon, Kings club etc… Everything is Sound, Everything is Vibration. From a Seeker on Exploration…


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