5 days Pre-Festival Yoga

What better way to prepare for the magic of Sundowners Collective Festival than 5 days of Yoga with Elbow Collective?

Join us for daily morning classes that will work gently through the body using breath as our guide towards awareness and fluidity. Take some time just for you, rebalancing and reconnecting, surrounded by the tranquillity of Palolem beaches. Grace will guide you through the practice with guest appearances from other Elbow Collective members. Classes are open level, accessible for both beginners and experienced yogis.

Look out for Elbow Collective across the festival weekend too and join us for more body breath exploration and Yoga.


Grace is a founding member of Elbow Collective and international Yoga and Movement teacher. She teaches with an ever-expanding curiosity and knowledge of the variety of humans and their bodies. With intuitive hands on guidance and a passion to delve deep into the physical, Graces classes are all about feeling your way into your body and beyond. Let your mind be stilled and your body be moved.

Elbow Collective are a shamelessly curious collection of body movers, shape shifters, word weavers and drum beaters. They are playful yet sincere practitioners-unafraid to challenge boundaries and explore the mysterious. Inspired by an infinite love of life and their desire to connect with beings across the globe, Elbow Collective are ready to spread their light.

Check them out at www.elbowcollective.org


Example Schedule:

Sunday 14th – Sunset Vinyasa Flow
Monday 15th – 08:30 AM Vinyasa Flow and Breathwork & 4:30 PM Yin Yoga
Tuesday 16th – 08:30 AM Vinyasa Flow and Breathwork
Wednesday 17th – 08:30 AM Vinyasa Slow Flow and Breathwork & 4:30 PM Dragon Dance
Thursday 18th – 08:30 AM Vinyasa Flow and Breathwork & Sunset Meditation @ 5:00 PM

+ 9 days accommodation in a beach hut from the 14th of January until the 23rd of January

+ Sundowners Collective Festival tickets (3 days) all included: 250 Euro

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